How to Unfollow Someone on Facebook | iPhone Savvy

How to Unfollow Someone on Facebook

Prevent posts from certain people coming into your News Feed—without them knowing.
In Facebook, you are able to control the things you see in your News Feed. If you are ‘friends’ with someone that is posting information you’re not interested in seeing, it’s easy to ‘unfollow’ them. You’ll still remain friends and they won’t know you unfollowed them. 
In your News Feed, select the down arrow in the upper right of the item they posted. You’ll see a pop up window that allows you to unfollow them but still remain friends. 
You can still see their posts if you go to their profile page by following the ‘More’ option at the bottom right of the screen. Find them in your Friends list and select their profile. You can also start following them again if you’d like. 
If someone calls you out on not seeing their posts, blame the Facebook algorithm, which ultimately decides what information you see in your feed. They'll never know you unfollowed them.