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How to Brighten or Darken Part of an iPhone Photo

Use the Snapseed Selective tool

When you take a photo with the sun behind you, often the best part of your photo, the subject, is too dark. Brightening the entire photo makes other parts of the photo too bright. The best way to fix this problem is to imact only a portion of the photo.

Here’s how to brighten part of a photo:

Video Tutoral:

Snapseed Selective Tutorial

Step 1 - Open your image in the Snapseed App. Go to Tools > Selective.


Step 2 - Tap on the section of the photo you'd like to brighten. You'll see a white 'B' in a blue circle.


Step 3 - When your finger is on the 'B' move it around to the specific area you'd like to brighten. You'll see magnification of the selected area.


Step 4 - Place your finger outside of the 'B' and slide it to the right to brighten that portion of the photo. Sliding to the left will darken. 

  • TIP - if the 'B' turns black with a white circle, selective mode has been disabled. Tap on the 'B' again to enable.


Step 5 - Press and hold anywhere on the screen to see the original photo.

  • When you're happy with the result, select the checkmark in the bottom right to accept your changes.


You can repeat this process if there is another area of your photo that is too dark.

Select ‘Export' in bottom right and ‘Save as a copy’ to save your brightened photo to your iPhone photos.