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You'll be faced with this question when buying a new iPad.

There are three iPad models on the market (iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro) with a variety of storage options available. However, the iPad has another feature you'll have to consider when making a...

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Especially important for quick message conversations.

Have you noticed that sometimes your iMessages are not in the order you received them? It only happens when you're having a message conversation with someone that goes back and forth quickly; when...

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Take a quick look at the status bar.

When you're at home, work, or a friend's house, it's always best to connect to their wi-fi network since it's faster, more secure and will save you from using cellular data.

When you're in...

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See specific information for your devices, plus suggestions.

If you're like many people, you may not be getting the battery life you expect on your iPhone or iPad. Since everyone uses their device differently, it's often difficult to pinpoint exactly what...

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The iOS 11 update caused this issue for many people.

After updating to iOS 11, many people noticed that Voicemail Transcripts were missing.

For some reason, the issue is linked to Siri. 

To fix missing Voicemail Transcipts, 

Go to...

Get rid of distracting elements on web pages for easier reading.

It seems like more and more these days, I'm reading articles that have been sent to me in my email on my iPhone.

When I click on a link in my email, the web page opens in Safari, with "...

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Selecting the App Store Icon quickly hides this feature.

In iOS 11, Apple added an App Drawer to allow you to quickly access your message apps. The App Drawer is the row of icons that appear below your text box when composing a message. 

If you...

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Swiping right reveals this handy feature.

Have you ever been part of a group message that is annoyingly active? You want to see the conversation, but don't want the constant interruptions that can be a part of an active group.


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Press down and hold the character to see options.

If you need to type an accented character when creating a message or email, it's easy to do on your iPhone and iPad.

Simply press down and hold the character to see the options.


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Occasionally wipe it down with a soft, slightly damp cloth.

Your iPhone and iPad can become dirty and collect dust and lint, even if you protect it with a case.

To clean your iPhone or iPad, remove the case and wipe down the outside, including the...

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MacRumors tracks the last time Apple products were updated.

If you're in the market for a new Apple device, it's a good idea to see that last time the product was updated.

Before I make an Apple purchase I check the...

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Download this app to easily correct the problem.

Have you ever created a video only to realize that you turned your camera at a weird angle? When you try to play it back your phone won't allow you to play back the video without lock rotation....

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Don't let an incoming call or message ruin your video.

If you plan to record a video that is important to you, set your phone to 'Do Not Disturb' to prevent an incoming call from interrupting your video recording.

Here's how to set your...

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This new feature for videos was introduced in iOS9.

You may have been aware that you can zoom in on videos when recording, but did you know you can also zoom in when watching a video?

This new feature was introduced in iOS9. Just use the same...

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Tap the bottom or top of the screen.

If you have a lot of pictures in the Photos App, it can be time consuming to scroll through pictures to find what you're looking for. Luckily, there is an easy shortcut to scroll to the top or...

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There are many practical reasons to capture an image of your screen.
Have you ever had a weird message appear on your iPhone? Or saw a Facebook post with a clever quote that you want to save? Or maybe you've taken a great video and would like to capture a still...
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Photos and videos are stored in the Recently Deleted album for 30-40 days.

When you delete a photo or video, your iPhone or iPad moves it to your Recently Deleted album, where it gets automatically deleted after 30-40 days. In this album, you'll see the countdown of the...

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Great to add sizzle on the Fourth of July--or any holiday!

With iOS 10, there were many improvements in the Messages App, including ways to express emotion. One of my favorite features is Screen Effects, which fills the screen of the person you send a...

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Many people prefer a shorter passcode similar to a pin code.

Hopefully you have a passcode set up on your iPhone, which is the easiest way to protect your iPhone if it's lost or stolen. Apple recommends setting up a 6-digit passcode for maximum protection....

Extreme heat can permanently damage your battery.

Just like your pets or babies, your iPhone can be permanently damaged if you leave it in a hot car. It can also happen if you leave it in the sun.

Exposing your iPhone battery to...
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