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How to Fix a Video That is Rotated Incorrectly

Have you ever created a video only to realize that you turned your camera at a weird angle? When you try to play it back your phone won't allow you to play back the video without lock rotation.

It is best to turn your phone to landscape when recording videos, but if you've gotten caught up in the moment and recorded a special video incorrectly, you can fix the video rotation.

Dowload the Video Rotate & Flip App.

How to Prevent Interruption When Recording Video

If you plan to record a video that is important to you, set your phone to 'Do Not Disturb' to prevent an incoming call from interrupting your video recording.

Here's how to set your iPhone to 'Do Not Disturb':

Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and set Manual to 'on'. You can also adjust your 'Allow Calls From' setting to 'none'.

Or Swipe up on your Home Screen and select the moon icon, which turns 'Do Not Disturb' on.

How to Scroll Through Photos Quickly

If you have a lot of pictures in the Photos App, it can be time consuming to scroll through pictures to find what you're looking for. Luckily, there is an easy shortcut to scroll to the top or bottom of the pictures in an album.

Go to the Photos App and open an Album. It will show you the place in the album where you left off.

To get to the oldest photos, tap the top of the screen, near the time. You'll go to the oldest photos.

How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos

When you delete a photo or video, your iPhone or iPad moves it to your Recently Deleted album, where it gets automatically deleted after 30-40 days. In this album, you'll see the countdown of the number of days until it's going to be deleted. This is a great way to recover an accidentally deleted photo or video. 

You also may be deleting photos or videos to save space. In this case, you need to also delete photos and videos from the Recently Deleted album before space is freed up.

Go to Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted

How to See the Original Photo When Editing

Sometimes when you're editing a photo, you can get a little bit carried away. It happens to me when I start rotating, cropping and then applying filters. 

Your iPhone keeps the original version of the photo, which you can revert to, if necessary. 

You can easily see the original version of the photo, by long pressing anywhere on the screen.

As you're pressing, you'll see the original version of your photo. When you release, it will revert back to your edited photo.

How to Instantly Free Up iPhone Photo and Video Space

Did you know that when you delete a photo or video on your iPhone, it doesn't immediately free up photo space? 

The Photos App has a feature that allows you to recover photos and videos that have been deleted in the past 30 days. This feature comes in handy if you accidentally delete, however, it also means that if you're trying to free up space on your iPhone, the photo isn't deleted immediately. Instead, it's put into an album called 'Recently Deleted', where you can retrieve it if accidentally deleted, or you can instantly delete the photo to free up space.