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How to Send the Fireworks Screen Effect in iMessage

With iOS 10, there were many improvements in the Messages App, including ways to express emotion. One of my favorite features is Screen Effects, which fills the screen of the person you send a message to with balloons, confetti, or even fireworks!

These effects will only be seen by other people that have an iPhone 6 or newer. The message will still send, but it will say 'sent with fireworks effect'.

Here's how to add Fireworks to your Messages:

1 - Open the Messages App and type your Message. Press and hold the up arrow.

How to Customize Your Email Signature

Sometimes when I'm on the go, I reply to an email and really don't want the recipient to know that I've sent the email from my iPhone.

Since Apple sets the default signature to 'Sent from my iPhone' or 'Sent from my iPad', you have to change this setting if you want a different signature.

Here's how to change your signature:

Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Signature and update your signature

How to Create a Keyboard Shortcut for your Email

Typing your email address in a text message or email can be a common occurance. It can also be tedious, especially if your email address is long.

You can easily set up a code to use in place of your email address, like @@, for example. Then the next time you type @@, your email address will appear.

Here's how to set up text replacement:

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.

You'll see a list of all shortcuts currently set up for your iPhone.

Select and Hold the 123 Keyboard Button to Type a Symbol

When typing a text or email message, you likely have the need to switch to the 'number and symbols' keyboard by selecting the 123 button.

But did you know there is a shortcut if you just need to type one symbol, like the @ sign?

Here's how:

Just select and hold the '123' button, slide over to the @ sign and release. You will be returned to the main keyboard.

Without this shortcut, if you select the '123' button and tap the @ sign, you have to select the 'ABC' to return to the main keyboard.