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Battery Life

How to Check Your Battery Usage on your iPhone or iPad

If you're like many people, you may not be getting the battery life you expect on your iPhone or iPad. Since everyone uses their device differently, it's often difficult to pinpoint exactly what is making your battery drain.

However, checking the battery usage on your device is easy, and the most accurate way to troubleshoot a battery drain problem.

Here's how to check your battery usage on your iPhone or iPad:

Go to Settings > Battery. Wait for a moment for the battery usage to populate.

How to Enable Low Power Mode

In iOS 9, Apple added a new feature that allows you to conserve your battery by putting your iPhone in low battery mode. You'll get a prompt when your battery percentage dips below 20 percent.

If you don't turn it on with the prompt, you can also find Low Power Mode by going to:

Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode and turn it ON.

Find Your iPhone Even if the Battery is Dead

I misplace my phone every now and then. Calling it usually helps me find it quickly, however, if the battery is dead that's another sad story.

The latest iOS 8 update has the ability to have your missing iPhone send its location to Apple just before the battery dies. It uses a cellular signal to identify the location of the iPhone, so it won't work if your iPhone was in airplane mode when you lost it. This new feature works for any device with iOS8 and also works on your iPad.