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Boomerang app
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Featured App - Sketch Master
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iPhone Tips and Tricks

Take a quick look at the status bar.

When you're at home, work, or a friend's house, it's always best to connect to their wi-fi network since it's faster, more secure and will save you from using cellular data.

When you're in...

Press down and hold the character to see options.

If you need to type an accented character when creating a message or email, it's easy to do on your iPhone and iPad.

Simply press down and hold the character to see the options.


Download this app to easily correct the problem.

Have you ever created a video only to realize that you turned your camera at a weird angle? When you try to play it back your phone won't allow you to play back the video without lock rotation....

Restarting your device fixes many common issues.

Just like restarting a computer helps to fix many common problems,...
No one likes to explain that accidental contact.

Have you ever called or texted someone accidentally? It's never a good situation. Especially if it's someone you don't want to talk to.

Here's how to prevent accidentally making a phone call...