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4 - Managing Photos & Videos

Since you have your iPhone and it’s amazing camera with you all the time, you’re likely taking more photos and videos than ever.

In this section you’ll learn everything you need to know to effectively manage the photos and videos that are piling up. Best of all, most of the tools you need are built right into your iPhone and iPad.

Organizing Photos & Videos
  • Understand the albums that are automatically created for you and learn how to create your own albums.
  • Learn my technique for effectively managing your photos and videos so you can find what you want, when you want it--saving space along the way.
  • Create an organizing strategy that works for you!
Sharing Photos & Videos
  • Understand the variety of ways you can easily share photos and videos using the sharing icon in the Photos App.
  • Learn how to use Airdrop to transfer photos and videos to your Mac or share with people nearby.
  • Leverage iCloud Photo Library to gain free storage and invite friends and family (even non-Apple users) to share photos and videos.
BONUS - Photos App Features
  • Leverage the Places feature, which groups your photos by location and automatically creates a mini-photo journal of the places you’ve visited.
  • Learn about the sophisticated Search feature built into the Photos app that allows you to find objects and identify places within your photos.
  • Understand the way People are identified, which automatically creates Memories that gather your photos and videos in interesting and useful ways.
Syncing and Backing Up
  • Gain an understanding of iCloud Photo Library and how to use it to effectively back up and sync your photos and videos across devices.

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