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3D Touch

3D Touch is available on newer iPhone's and is a capability that you can use where you press down a slight bit longer than normal while pressing on the screen of your device and you will get immediate options. For example, if you hold down on the phone icon you can get 3 options of people to call that you have spoken to last. 3D Touch is best described, as a timesaver. 

A10 Fusion Chip

The iPhone 7 and newer models have an A10 Fusion Chip, which is even better than the A9 Chip. It has even greater CPU performance, graphic performance, and it's the fastest single threaded mobile SoC released to date.

A9 Chip

The A9 Chip was included in the iPhone 6s models and the 4 inch SE. It had 70% more CPU performance than the previous chip, and it also has 90% better graphics.


Accessibiity refers to things that are accessible to you on your device that helps make things easier. 


On the sharing screen, you have an AirDrop section. When you have AirDrop enabled, you are going to get an option to share your photo with anybody that is near by you, including your own devices.


Aperture is a reference used in photography which controls the amount of light that is used through a camera lens to capture a picture. 


App is short for 'Application' and it is something you can download on your device to access certain things such as the News, Weather, Calculators, etc. Some apps are already installed on your device when you purchase it and those are called Stock Apps. You can download apps in the App Store. 

App Store

The App Store is where you can shop for and download apps and it has over 2.5 million apps and games to choose from.


App Updates

App updates fix problems, and they introduce new features. You can set them up automatically by, Going into Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Download.


Apple ID

Your Apple ID is your email address and password that is associated with iCloud and is the same for iTunes as well. 


Auto-enhance will automatically adjust the exposure and the color, and do what it thinks to make your photo a little bit better.


If you want to change that Auto-Lock time frame, select Auto-Lock. The longer the Auto-Lock, the longer it will take for your phone to go to sleep. I really strongly suggest you don’t select ‘Never’, which means your phone will never go to sleep because your battery will drain very fast and will never be protected.



Auto-punctuation is when the first letter of your sentence is automatically capitalized, you get an apostrophe added for contractions, and if you enter a double space after a sentence it will automatically add a period.



Using filters on your device you can select the black and white option (B&W), and see the options you can make to a photo from a black and white perspective.


You need to Backup your device in order to make sure your photos, videos, documents, contacts, etc. are stored somewhere else safe such as iCloud. It is having a "backup" copy of all of those things and you can find them at 

Burst Photos

Burst photos happen when you hold down your shutter button for a period of time. Your iPhone will automatically take a rapid succession of pictures, that you can get at later. So you can capture a still shot from any type of motion that’s happening. Burst is a great way to capture both action and group shots. It uses something such as, ‘Smile and Blink Detection’ that works in conjunction with your face detection feature.

Camera Timer

You can access the timer by selecting the timer icon on the top of your Camera app. You have the option of turning it off, like it’s off right now (screenshot), or doing a three second, or ten second timer. If I select a three second timer when I go to take a picture, I can see the three seconds is now yellow (screenshot). If I take a photo and select the shutter button, I’m going to get a countdown of 3,2,1, and then it’s going to snap my picture.


Captive Network

A captive network is also called "subscription networks" and you can publicly subscribe or pay to use. 

Cellular Data

Cellular Data is what you use in order to access the internet when your device is not connected to Wi-Fi. You can turn this feature on or off to determine whether or not you want your device to automatically use your cellular data to keep your device working. If you use cellular data, that is what you get charged for under your data usage that you pay for monthly. 

Cellular Providers

Cellular providers are also known as mobile carriers and they are companies that carry internet service such as Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.