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General Course Information

Here’s what you can expect from the Master Classes. 

I like to keep things consistent, so no matter what the topic is, you’ll know what to expect. We’ll get in a rhythm which helps with learning and retention.

Here is the structure of Master Classes:


Contains 3-4 chapters, each which takes about an hour to complete.


Chapters contain 3-5 video lessons.


Video Lesson (10-20 minutes)

  • Key Points - each video has 3 key points that will be presented in the video and recapped at the end of the video.
  • Tip - where appropriate, I’ll share a tip that directly relates to what you’re learning.
  • Seed - If I mention a concept that we’ll explore further later, I’ll let you know so you can set your questions aside.
  • Jan’s view - I also let you know when I throw in my 2-cents worth, which is your queue to use your own judgement.


Each video has a PDF document you can download and view in iBooks or print as a reference. 
Not sure how to use iBooks? See 
At the top of each transcript, you’ll see:

  • A link to the video in the course.
  • The exact model of device and version of iOS that was used in the video. 
  • The date the video was recorded.
  • If the video was updated, the updated date will also be included. 

Note - the transcript is a companion to the video. It doesn’t make much sense when reading stand-alone.

Cheat Sheets and Diagrams

  • Some lessons include cheat sheets and diagrams which are PDF’s you can view in iBooks or print.
  • Cheat sheets are designed to be a reference you can use later when it’s time to perform a task.
  • Diagrams are used when a visual reference is needed to illustrate a concept.


  • Assignments are presented at the end of each lesson. Completing the online form let’s me know you’ve completed your assignment. 
  • Assignments are designed to allow you to practice what you learn
  • You can view the assignment before you watch the video.
  • The assignment is also included at the end of the transcript PDF.