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How to Fix a Video That is Rotated Incorrectly

Have you ever created a video only to realize that you turned your camera at a weird angle? When you try to play it back your phone won't allow you to play back the video without lock rotation.

It is best to turn your phone to landscape when recording videos, but if you've gotten caught up in the moment and recorded a special video incorrectly, you can fix the video rotation.

Dowload the Video Rotate & Flip App.

How to Transfer Photos Using AirDrop

AirDrop is a service that’s been included with your iPhone since iOS7 (September 2013). It allows you to share photos and files with other iPhone users or with your iPad or MacBook if the devices are within close proximity of each other.
It’s really easy to use. When AirDrop is enabled on your iPhone, it triggers Bluetooth to look for other Apple devices that also have AirDrop enabled.

5 Quick Tips to Shoot Better Video on Your iPhone

You know how they say the best camera is the one you have one you? Well the best camcorder you have is the one that you have on you too!
Remember the days when you had to lug out the camcorder to capture video? If you remembered to bring it to your event, you’d inevitably find that the battery was low, cutting short the video session.
Then you’d have to huddle around the camcorder to see the replay. Honestly, most of those home movies were long and boring.