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Essential Concepts

Whether you’re a new iPhone owner, or have had an iPhone for many years, you’ll benefit from understanding the fundamental concepts of your iPhone. These concepts will give you confidence in the day-to-day use of your iPhone, which is essentially a super computer you carry around with you ever day. 

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How iOS Software works with your specific iPhone model and your Apple ID to bring your iPhone to life.
  • Why Getting Connected safely is an important part of saving time, money, and protecting your personal information when using your iPhone.
  • The purpose of Cloud Storage, including understanding the options, including Apple’s iCloud storage, that is built into your iPhone. 
  • Privacy and security best practices for today’s online world, including the important settings included in your iPhone to ensure your safety.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is appropriate for anyone that owns an iPhone or an iPad. Keep in mind that older devices (more than 3 years old) may not have all of the features covered in this course.
  • This course starts with the basics. The concepts build and are not complex, although the volume of information can be overwhelming.
  • Rest assured that you can stop, start, and go back to review any of the video lessons at any time. You can also print out transcripts for a text version of the video.


This course will be more effective if you follow these guidelines:

  • If this is your first Boomer Web School course, review General Course Information.
  • This course assumes you are using the most current version of iOS. If you’re not sure, you’re in luck. The first lesson covers iOS, including how to update.
  • In addition to reviewing the videos, promptly complete each assignment. The real learning comes from applying your newly acquired knowledge.

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