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Effective Communication

Starts 2/16/2018 - weeks 5-8 of iPhone Challenge

We’ve been making phone calls and texting on cell phones for years, even sending and receiving email, but many people overlook the features on their iPhone that support communication.

From learning keyboard tricks, to understanding the importance of setting up your contacts correctly, to mastering the ever-expanding list of message features, this course covers everything related to effectively communicating on your iPhone. 

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • The key features included in iOS that support communication, including tips and tricks for your Keyboard, dictation, and how to work with text.
  • The Phone App features, including voicemail transcripts, and best practices for managing Contacts.
  • The most popular app on your iPhone, the Message app, including how to use group messaging, and extending messages with apps. 
  • Setting up Email accounts on your iPhone with the iOS email app, and Calendar options, including sharing calendars.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is appropriate for anyone that owns an iPhone or an iPad. Keep in mind that older devices (more than 3 years old) may not have all of the features covered in this course.
  • This course starts with the basics. The concepts build and are not complex, although the volume of information can be overwhelming.
  • Rest assured that you can stop, start, and go back to review any of the video lessons at any time. You can also print out transcripts for a text version of the video.


This course will be more effective if you follow these guidelines:

  • If this is your first Boomer Web School course, review General Course Information.
  • This course assumes you are using the most current version of iOS. If you’re not sure, review the iOS Overview, which includes instructions on how to update.
  • In addition to reviewing the videos, promptly complete each assignment. The real learning comes from applying your newly acquired knowledge.

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