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4 Steps to Managing iPhone Photos

The Photos App on your iPhone has everything you need to keep your photos and videos organized.
Reviewing photos and videos is personal. Only you can decide what is important and keep up with organizing your photos on a regular basis.

You can easily create your own personal Albums to keep photos organized in a way that is meaningful to you. I keep albums for:

Featured App - Camera+ 2

The camera in your iPhone is so good, that you’re probably getting good results without much effort. However, with just a little extra effort and know-how, you can get amazing results.

One of my favorite photography apps is Camera+, which you use instead of your iPhone camera when you’re taking pictures. It leverages the hardware features of your camera and also saves to your photos app, so your photos are all in one place.

7 Tips for Capturing Great iPhone Photos of Your Pets

If you’re a pet person, chances are that a majority of the photos on your iPhone are of your furry friends. Or is that just me?

Our pets are never far from our side, and because of this, you’ll likely find many opportunities throughout the day to capture their unique personality.

Since many animals will not sit still waiting for you to take a photograph, quick access to your iPhone—combined with a little creativity—will increase your chances of capturing great iPhone photos.

Featured App - Social Print Studio

I love taking pictures on my iPhone. Over the past few years I've captured some great moments that I wouldn't have normally if I had to pull out a camera. During special occasions, I like to look to my photos to create gifts. My go to app is Social Print Studio.

They have elegant, minimalistic products, fast delivery and reasonable prices. Plus their app makes it fun and easy to create amazing gifts.