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7 Tips for Capturing Great iPhone Photos of Your Pets

If you’re a pet person, chances are that a majority of the photos on your iPhone are of your furry friends. Or is that just me?

Our pets are never far from our side, and because of this, you’ll likely find many opportunities throughout the day to capture their unique personality.

Since many animals will not sit still waiting for you to take a photograph, quick access to your iPhone—combined with a little creativity—will increase your chances of capturing great iPhone photos.

Featured App - Social Print Studio

I love taking pictures on my iPhone. Over the past few years I've captured some great moments that I wouldn't have normally if I had to pull out a camera. During special occasions, I like to look to my photos to create gifts. My go to app is Social Print Studio.

They have elegant, minimalistic products, fast delivery and reasonable prices. Plus their app makes it fun and easy to create amazing gifts.

5 Fresh Ways to Capture iPhone Photos of Flowers

Spring is a great time of the year to take iPhone photos—especially if flowers happen to be your favorite subject!

During this transition between winter and summer, it’s easy to spot the first crocus, tulips, and daffodils popping out of the ground. 

But when you look a little closer, it’s the subtle growth in the brown and faded winter landscape that is really exciting. Vegetation peeks up through the soil, trees begin to bud, and a fresh blanket of snow brings a fresh perspective.

Five Keys to Taking Stunning Sunrise and Sunset Photos with Your iPhone

There’s something magical that happens every day, twice a day without fail. The sunrise and sunset. It’s a time when Mother Nature shines a light on the beauty all around us. 

All types of settings are great for photographers to capture the perfect sunrise or sunset photo.