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How to Save PDFs to iBooks

The best way to save and read PDFs on your iPhone and iPad.
When using the Mail App on your iPhone or iPad, you sometimes receive an email that has a PDF included that you want to save.
Or maybe you found a PDF on the web you want to save, like the manuals for your appliances, or the eBooks or cheat sheets that Boomer Web School provides.
Apple designed iBooks as a way to not only read eBooks and audiobooks you purchase from the iBooks store, but also as a way to save and view PDF’s. iBooks came installed as an iOS app with your iPhone or iPad, so it’s free and easy to get started.
Here’s how to save PDF's to iBooks on your iPhone or iPad:
Saving PDF's in Safari

When viewing a webpage, you may see a PDF you want to save. Select the PDF to open it.

Select the ‘Open in iBooks’ option in the upper right. The option disappears quickly, but just tap the screen again and it will re-appear.

Your PDF is now imported into iBooks.

Saving PDF's in Mail

Open the email that contains the PDF file as an attachment. Select the PDF.

The PDF will open. To save to iBooks, select the Sharing option on the bottom of the screen.

Select import with iBooks. The PDF will be imported into iBooks and appear in iBooks.

Viewing PDF’s in iBooks

Open your iBooks app and select My Books.

Select your PDF to view. Since iBooks uses iCloud, these PDFs will be available on all of your Apple devices.

You may see your PDF's in a list. Select the icon in the upper left cover to view covers.


If you create a strategy that includes saving all of your PDF’s to iBooks, you’ll know where to easily find them. Plus you’ll be able to take advantage of the features that iBooks has to offer for sharing, printing, and bookmarking your PDF’s. 


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