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How to Legally Share Amazon Accounts

Use Amazon Household to share Amazon Prime, Kindle, Audible and more.
I use Amazon Family sharing to share my Kindle purchases and Audible audiobooks. It’s a great way to save money—assuming the person you’re sharing with has similar tastes.
Sharing of Amazon accounts is nothing new for many people. For years you have been able to associate multiple devices to one account for quite a while and many people I know simply give their Amazon log in information as a way of sharing content. 
Here's the downside to sharing your Amazon login information:
  • The other person has full access to your account, including making purchases without your approval.
  • You're not able to keep your place in a book if two people are reading the same book.
  • Amazon developed Family Sharing as a legal way to share content. This way is not legal.
When Amazon Prime became more popular, many people were sharing benefits with not just family, but also with friends.
In July of 2015 Amazon made some changes to restrict the sharing of Amazon Prime when it went from allowing 4 members to only 2 members. They also started to require the sharing of credit card information.
Amazon’s official way to share content is by establishing a Household, and the controlling the content shared through the Family Library.
Here’s how to get started with Amazon Family Sharing:
Amazon Households
  • The Amazon Household allows up to six members.
    • Two adults, each with their own Amazon account.
    • Up to 4 children profiles (they aren’t allow to shop on Amazon with their profiles).
  • Being a member of the household allows you to share digital content using Family Library.
  • This is also the way to share Prime Membership benefits with another adult.
  • Each adult has their own Amazon account they use for shopping.
  • Both adults must agree to share wallets (credit/debit cards). 
Get started by going to on any computer.
Amazon Family Library
  • Family Library allows you to share eBooks, audiobooks, apps and games on your Kindle.
  • You can also share Audible audiobooks and Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Prime Instant Video.
  • You don't need a Kindle to view purchases. You can access shared Kindle purchases on an iPhone or iPad by using the iOS Kindle app. 
  • You can’t manage the Family Library settings on your iOS Kindle app.
To get your Family Library set up, log in to your Amazon account on a computer, then go to Account & Lists (upper right) > Your Content and Devices (half way down under Your Account).
Amazon Prime Sharing
  • Your Amazon Household defines the 2 adults that are sharing Prime Benefits. 
  • One one of the 2 adults in the Household pays for the annual $99 prime membership.
  • Amazon Student Prime members or invited guests of other Prime members can’t share their benefits.
  • You can share:
    • Fast & FREE shipping
    • Kindle Owners’ Lending Library
    • Prime Instant Video
    • Amazon Stations on Amazon Music
    • Prime Photos online storage
Audible Sharing
Since Audible is an Amazon product, they also allow sharing of Audible purchases with your Amazon Household.
  • One of the two Amazon Household members needs to pay for the Audible membership. The credits will be controlled by the person who pays for the membership, so you'll still have to negotiate how the credits are spent each month.
  • The person withouth the Audible membership can still purchase audiobooks. They'll be added to the library and available to share.
  • Your Audible Audiobooks can be downloaded on up to four computers (Mac or PC) and up to three Audible-ready devices. If you both have iPhones and iPads, you'll have to negotiate who gets to use Audible.
Removing an Adult from a Household
  • When you leave a household or the other adult removes you from the household, you will lose access to any Amazon Prime benefits.
  • You'll also lose access to the content you were viewing on your device.
  • You also lose access to the management of child profiles in the Household.


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