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How to Customize Photos App Memories

A quick and easy way to show off your Photos and Videos.
The Photos App on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac automatically generates collections of your photos based on time, location or even certain people that are identified in photos. This feature was introduced in iOS 10 as a quick and easy way to create short videos.
These ‘Memories’ are presented in the Photos app as a short video that is a suggestion of what you may want to save. Since the photos are gathered based on date or location, most of the memories include a photo or two that don’t fit. 
However it’s easy to change the Memory to quickly create a video that you can save and share. 


Here’s how to customize the Memories created by the Photos App:

Finding Memories
You can find Memories by going to the Photos App and selecting Memories.
These Memories are suggestions that were created by iOS and not saved as movies at this point. 
You can also find Memories by going to a specific photo, selecting details, then scrolling down to the Related section. You’ll find other collections of photos that can be used for memories. You’ll be prompted to Add to Memories so you can review the movie.
Reviewing Memories
When you select a memory, you’ll see a screen with a video on top. You can tap on the header image at top of any memory you choose to view.
An automatically generated video will highlight reel for your memory and play a collage of audio and video clips that are put together by the Photos App.
When you review a memory, you’ll notice that not all of the photos are desirable. Especially if you don't do a good job of getting rid of unwanted photos or videos. 
Customizing Memories
You can easily change the memory that was automatically created by adding or deleting photos, changing the mood, duration, and music.
To make changes, simple tap on the screen while the memory is playing, then select edit on the bottom right. 
You’ll see a screen that allows you to change the title, music, duration, and photos & videos. Select photos & videos to add or delete photos included in the memory.
Scroll through the photos included and move unwanted items to the trash. Select the plus sign to add more photos, keeping in mind you’re restricted to the included photos. 
You can also go further with editing your memory by customizing your own music, omitting items or adding, and adjusting the length down to the second if you would prefer. 
Saving and Sharing Memories
When you are done editing the memory, select Done in the upper right corner. Then select the back arrow to get back to the main screen for the Memory. Scroll down to add the memory to your Favorite Memories album or to delete it.
You can also select the sharing icon to save the video to the Photos App, or to send via a Message, Email, or post to Facebook. 
Taking time to review the Memories that are automatically captured by the Photos App is a great way to add interest to your photos and videos. 
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