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Featured App - VoiceCam

Take selfies using a voice command.
Have you every wanted to take a picture and no one is around to take the photo? Maybe you’re with a group and you want everyone included, or you just want to take a well composed selfie that doesn’t show you at an awkward angle. 
With this new app, you can prop your iPhone up on a stable surface, and say the word ‘action’ and the photo will be taken. You can then save the Photo to your Photo Library or share to various apps like Facebook.
This new app is free and only available for the iPhone, so if you take a lot of selfies it may be worthwhile. You could also use the timer to get this type of picture, but with VoiceCam you can decide on the exact timing of when to take a picture.
Here’s How to Get Started using VoiceCam.
Step 1 - Download the FREE app
VoiceCam Free, iOS 
Step 2 - Give Permission
Give permission for the app to use your camera, microphone, and speech recognition engine to be able to use your voice to take the pictures. 
Say ‘OK’ to:
- VoiceCam would like to access speech recognition
- VoiceCam would like to access the microphone
- VoiceCam would like to access your photos
Step 3 - Activate the Microphone
When you open the App, you’ll see a microphone icon at the very top of the screen.
Tap the microphone when you’re ready to take the picture and it will turn white with a small red dot. It’s now listening for your voice command.
Step 4 - Take the Picture
Touch the camera icon to switch the camera to either take a selfie or forward facing photo.
When you’re ready to take the photo, say “Action” loudly and clearly and you’ll hear the shutter sound that your picture was taken. 
Step 5 - Save the Photo
You have two options to save the photo:
- To your Photo Library, by selecting the down arrow in the bottom left corner
- Share to Facebook or other apps, by selecting the up arrow in the bottom right corner. 
The picture gets taken pretty quickly after you say, “Action” so make sure that you are ready and smiling! 
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