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Featured App - Sketch Master

A free and easy way to add interesting effects to your photos.
One of my favorite things to do when I have some extra time is to find ways to enhance photos in interesting and creative ways.
Whether I’m creating a birthday party invitation, manipulating a vacation photo, or making my profile picture more interesting, there are several apps that allow you to release your inner artist. 
One of my new favorite apps is Sketch Master, which allows you to easily convert your photos into sketches, cartoons or other interesting effects. You can also whiten teeth, fix blemishes and even out skin tone. 
The free version has ads, but I don’t find them to be too intrusive. Although they sell upgrades for things like additional effects,  I find the free version to have enough options to create interesting photo effects. 
Here’s how to get started with Sketch Master: 

Step 1 - Download the App

- Download Sketch Master from the App store.

Step 2 - Select a Photo

- Allow access to your photos to select from pictures you’ve already taken.

Step 3 - Edit your Photo

- Scroll to the right to see the many options for editing your photo.

Step 4 - Apply Effects

- Scroll through the many effects to see what you find interesting. Use the backward arrow to undo and the forward arrow to redo.

Step 5 - Save your Photo

- Select "Save Image" to save the new image to your camera roll.
Give it a try the next time you have a need to make an interesting photo effect. I’m sure you’ll find it easy to use, fun and interesting!
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