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Featured App - Hopper

Make better decisions about when to purchase travel.

Hopper is an award winning app that not only lets you book flights from your iPhone, but also tells you the right time to buy to get the lowest price on airline flights. 

Hopper is a Montreal based company that released it’s first app in 2015 after years of research and development. Hopper is the number one travel app in 37 countries according to App Annie and has tracked 50 million trips since it’s launch. 
It works by analyzing historical of data trillions of flights to create pricing predictions with 95% accuracy. All major airlines are tracked, except for Southwest Airlines and Delta, which do not share price of flight information with Hopper. 

Hopper does charge a small, non-refundable commission on each flight, so I mainly use it for the prediction about when the flight will be the cheapest. Sometimes I can go to the airline directly and find the cheapest flight, but other times Hopper found the lower airfare from an obscure source and I’ll happily book the airfare through Hopper. 

Here’s how to get started using Hopper:

Step 1 - Install the Hopper App 
    Hopper App for iOS
    Hopper App for Android

Step 2 - Search for a trip 
Select your destination and then tap dates on the calendar. You’ll see color coding representing the pricing for each date.

Step 3 - Review recommendations
 You’ll get a recommendation on whether you should book the flight or wait based on when the flight will be the cheapest. In this case, Hopper is recommending I wait for a better price.

Step 4 - Watch the flight
If Hopper advises you to wait, select the binoculars to receive notifications so you can watch this trip.

Step 5 - Buy at the right time
You’ll receive notifications about the pricing of the flight. When Hopper suggests to BUY, you can do it quickly and easily right in the Hopper app.

Hopper will notify you of flight changes, however you need to contact Hopper directly for flight changes or cancellations, which are not currently supported by the app.
Check out Hopper when planning travel for your next flight. If you’re like me, you’ll be grateful for the time and money it can save you on travel.