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Featured App - Headspace

Practice meditation and mindfulness in 10 minutes a day.
With the vast amount of health and wellness apps available these days, it’s rare for me to come across an app that I can say has truly made a difference in my life.
Headspace is that type of app. It helps you learn meditation and mindfulness in just 10 minutes a day. Mindfulness, which is derived from Buddhist practices, focuses on your breath and the way your body feels.
I’ve been using Headspace for a year now and I can say it’s becoming an important part of my morning routine. It's helped me to start the day with clarity and see things around me in a slightly different way.
Headspace has over 3 million users and was created in 2012 by Andy Puddicombe, a Buddhist Monk and meditation trainer. Check out Andy's TedTalk for instant inspiration.
If you are looking to start meditating look no further, this app is outstanding. Here’s how to get started with Headspace:
1 - Download the Headspace App
- The Headspace App is available for Apple and Android devices. 
2 - Start with the Free Trial  
- Take 10 is ten minutes of meditation exercises for ten days.
- You get a feel for the process and have a good idea if meditation is for you after completing the free trial.
3 - Track your Progress
- The Headspace app will show you your average duration, number of sessions, total time meditating and consecutive days.
- You can also find your friends that are using Headspace and compare progress.
4 - Sign up for a Subscription
- Headspace is currently $13 a month for a subscription you can cancel at any time. There are price breaks if you sign up for a longer period of time.
- With a subscription you get access to collections of focused meditation for areas like health, performance and relationships. 
If you have been considering starting to practice meditation, Headspace an excellent way to learn and practice both meditation and mindfulness. Plus you can try it out for free!
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