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Featured App - Elevate Brain Training

This brain training app provides a great mental challenge and tracks progress over time.
We all know with age comes wisdom, and sometimes a harder time recalling words or processing information. As it turns out, as we get older our brains get older too. Who knew?!
Many people turn to brain training games to sharpen the mental muscle, but not without controversy. Digging a little deeper, the controversy boils down to the simple fact that brain games alone will not ensure a healthy brain. Research shows that exercise, diet, sleep and human connection are equally as important to brain health as we age.
Understanding that keeping my mind sharp is not just fun and games, I figure why not have a good brain training game on my smartphone to use when I have spare time during my day? One of my favorite brain training games is Elevate. I found it when it was promoted as an Editor’s choice on the App store and I can see why.
As you play Elevate games each day, the app tracks your progress and creates a personalized workout that adapts as you strengthen your mental muscle. I look forward each day to my Elevate workout. It’s design is easy to read, but challenging enough to not get boring. 
Elevate is free to download and use, but the free version limits how many games you can play per day. Upgrading to the $5-per-month Pro version gets you unlimited access and access to Pro-only games and Member rankings.
Elevate is for you if you want to: 
  • articulate your thoughts more clearly
  • improve your focus while reading and listening
  • improve your writing abilities
  • process written information faster
  • calculate more quickly and precisely
  • retain more of what you read and hear
Here’s how to get started with the Elevate app:
You’re guided through a series of questions about the areas you’d like to improve and then asked to sign up for a free account. 
Step 2 - Take a 2-4 minute initial test
To determine your initial skill level and identify areas of improvement.
Step 3 - Play games
Centered around writing, listening, speaking, reading, and math.
Step 4 - Track your performance 
With a customized training program, which analyzes your performance and tracks your improvement. 
I find the free version to be stimulating and interesting and have not yet upgraded to the paid version. I love that it tracks my progress so I can see improvement over time. Give it a try! I’m sure you’ll find it worthwhile.