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Featured App - Camera+ 2

Use the macro feature on this app to get closer to your subject.

The camera in your iPhone is so good, that you’re probably getting good results without much effort. However, with just a little extra effort and know-how, you can get amazing results.

One of my favorite photography apps is Camera+, which you use instead of your iPhone camera when you’re taking pictures. It leverages the hardware features of your camera and also saves to your photos app, so your photos are all in one place.

Camera+ improves on almost every aspect of the built-in camera app, but my favorite feature is the macro capabilities. With your normal iPhone camera, you can get decent results about 2 inches away from a subject. 

But take a photo of that same subject with the Camera+ app and apply the macro feature and you’ll get clear, extreme close-ups. 

I pull out the Camera+ app whenever I’m near flowers or plants and look for an insect, which is always exciting to capture.


The Camera+ app has recently been rebuilt and is now named Camera+ 2. The new version adds more features, plus a faster, more stable app. At $3.99 for a one-time download fee, this app is well worth

Here’s how to get started with the Camera+ App:

Step 1 - Download the Camera+ App

Camera+ 2 iOS App - $3.99

Step 2 - Review Settings

Go to Settings (3 lines on bottom right) and find the Save option. In the Photo Library setting, select camera roll so the photos are saved in your Photos app. I also select revert to original so I can access the original photo if necessary. When prompted, allow access to your camera and photos.


Step 3 - Open Camera+ app

Use the Camera+ app instead of your iPhone camera to take a picture. Select presets to find the Macro option.


Step 4 - Select macro and move in closer

Position your camera closer to your subject


Step 5 - Adjust settings

Selecting the 3 lines in the upper left provides access to geotag and the grid. You can also use the level opttion to straighten the horizon. Try to resist using the zoom feature however, since the quality of your photo will be adversely impacted.


Step 6 - Select + for more options

Selecting the + next to the shutter button provides access to burst mode (similar to your iPhone camera burst) and a stabliizer option.


Step 7 - Take the picture

Press the shutter button in the bottom center to take the picture. Your photo will be in the Photos app of your iPhone.

Camera+ is one of my favorite photography apps, especially the macro feature. Give it a try and have fun exploring all of it’s capabilities.

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