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Featured App - Boomerang

An easy way to add a fun twist to your videos.

I’m glad I have a millennial in the family. My son is really in tune with the latest apps and since he's in to video, he's always adding some type of interesting effect.

Have you ever seen a video that plays forward and then backward? The simple effect of replaying the video forward and backward in a continuous loop creates an interesting effect.




Boomerang was created in October of 2015 by Instagram as a way to add interest to videos. You can use Boomerang on your Instagram posts and stories, however, you don't need an Instagram account to use this free app. 

The app is free to download and use on the App store and is available for Android too!
Here's how to get started using Boomerang:  

1 - Download the Boomerang App

     Boomerang for iOS - FREE

     Boomerang for Android - FREE

2 - Allow access to your Camera and Photos


3 - Record a short video

Press the record button and capture a 2-3 second video. You can use either the front-facing or rear-facing camera. It's best to shoot something that has movement. 


4 - Share or save your video

   The video is saved in your photos and you can also share directly to Facebook or Instagram.


The next time you're shooting video and see something in action, give Boomerang a try! It really makes everyday motion more interesting.

Download the Boomerang app and visit our App Index to find many other apps that we find useful.

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