Easily Share Photos and Videos with iCloud Photo Sharing

Easily Share Photos Using iCloud Photo Sharing

Even with people that don’t have an iCloud account.
One of the things I love the most about my iPhone is the amazing pictures I take--and not just when I’m on vacation. I’ve also taken great family photos, especially of my grandchildren. 
When my first grandson was born a few years ago, I remember trying to figure out the best way to share photos and videos with my daughter. Those were the days of the cumbersome iPhoto on my Mac, so my preferred sharing method was using Dropbox. There may have been sharing in iCloud, but it wasn’t easy to use.
Fast forward to a few years later, and the sharing options are much easier! I can create an album of photos and videos on my iPhone, share with my daughter, allowing her to contribute photos as well from her iPhone.
Photos and videos added to the shared album are visible immediately. We can share the album with anyone, who can also share their photos and videos. Even people who don’t have an iCloud account. 
Best of all, the shared photos are all on my iPhone and the storage for up to 5,000 photos does not count against the iCloud storage limit.
iCloud Photo Sharing, previously known as shared Photo Streams, is built into every iPhone or iPad running iOS8 or later.
Here’s how to get started with iCloud photo sharing:
Step 1 - Turn on iCloud Photo Sharing
Make sure iCloud is set up on your iPhone or iPad.
Go to Settings > iCloud > Photos > turn on iCloud Photo Sharing (at the bottom)
Step 2 - Create a new shared album
As the creator of a shared album, you control access to the album. You can remove subscribers from your album at any time. You can also delete the album at any time. 
Go to Photos > Shared > New Shared Album (at the bottom) and select the plus sign.
Step 3 - Name your album
Name your album. Be aware that the album name ‘Family’ is reserved by family sharing and can’t be used.
Step 4 - Invite people to your shared album
Invite people using their phone number or email address. They will receive an invitation to join the shared folder.
Step 5 - Add photos and videos to your shared album
Your album is created with no photos or videos.
Select the album and add photos and videos by selecting the +. It will take a few minutes to prepare.
Step 6 - Make public for people without iCloud
If you share with people that don't have an iCloud account, you need to turn on 'Public Website'. You'll get a link you can share that allows them to view and download photos in this album.
As you can see, it's easy to set up a shared album using iCloud Photo Sharing. Since you can store 5,000 photos without counting against your iCloud storage, it makes a lot of sense to use this convenient way to share your photos and videos.
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