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7 Ways to Fire Up Your Smartphone in The Kitchen

Grab your smartphone to answer many common cooking questions.

Whenever I’m in the kitchen and especially when preparing a big meal, I rely on my smartphone to help me with meal preparation.

I’m not sure how my mother survived with the appendix of the classic Betty Crocker cookbook.


Even if you like to print out a recipe or grab a cookbook, you’ll still find your smartphone handy in the kitchen.

Need a substitution for buttermilk? High altitude baking instructions? Cooking times and temperature for your 20 lb turkey? There may be an app for some of these questions, but I can usually get my question answered quickly using a Google search.

Here are 7 great ways to use your smartphone in the kitchen: 

1 - Setting a Timer

My hands are usually wet or dirty when it’s time to put something in the oven, so the best way to set a timer is to use Siri. 

2 - Setting Multiple Timers

Siri can only set one timer at a time. For bigger meals, I use the Timer+ app (free) to set multiple timers. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/timer+/id391564049?mt=8

3 - Finding Cooking Times for Meat and Poultry

There are plenty of grilling apps out there, but it’s hard to find a free app that shows you cooking times. For this task, I rely on a Google search.

4 - Finding Ingredient Substitutions

Have you ever been ready to start a recipe only to discover you don’t have buttermilk? You don’t have to run out to the store, just do a Google search for suggested substitutions.

5 - Converting Kitchen Measurements

Have you ever had a recipe that calls for 6 oz of liquid and wondered if that was a half or a third of a cup? Or had a recipe that has flour in ounces? I use a Google Search for these types of questions.

6 - Changing Recipe Size

Sometimes you want to divide or multiply a recipe, which is easy for simple recipes. But what if you need to change the pan size? A quick Google search will give you great information.

7 - High Altitude Baking Adjustment

Since I live at 9,000 ft elevation in Colorado, I need to adjust recipes when baking. I can never remember the exact adjustments, but a quick google search provides just what I need.


You can also ask Siri many of these questions, but I find that Google provides better, more accurate results. 

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