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7 Tips for Capturing Great iPhone Photos of Your Pets

Use a little creativity and your iPhone photo skills to capture your pet's unique personality.

If you’re a pet person, chances are that a majority of the photos on your iPhone are of your furry friends. Or is that just me?

Our pets are never far from our side, and because of this, you’ll likely find many opportunities throughout the day to capture their unique personality.

Since many animals will not sit still waiting for you to take a photograph, quick access to your iPhone—combined with a little creativity—will increase your chances of capturing great iPhone photos.

Here are 7 tips for capturing your pet’s personality in your iPhone photos:

1 - Show their personality

One of the best things about our pets is their unique personality. The next time they do something that makes you smile, grab your iPhone and capture the moment. You’ll be glad you did when looking back at the memories.

Tip - Swipe right on the lock screen of your iPhone to quickly access your camera.

2 - Capture quiet moments

Like children, some of the most precious moments we have with our pets is when they are snoozing at the end of an active day. It’s easy to capture their softer side during these quiet moments using your iPhone.

Tip - Get down on their level, keep the background simple, and focus on their face.

3 - See the world from their eyes

You don’t always have to capture your pet’s face to capture a great photo. Try taking a photo from behind, capturing their point of view.

Tip - Silence your iPhone which also silences the camera shutter so you don’t distract your pet.

4 - Snap the action

Nothing is more satisfying that watching your pet during active times, when they are engrossed in play. Your iPhone has the ability to capture the action.

Tip - Holding down the shutter button to invoke burst mode will ensure you capture the action.

5 - Get in the photo

Your pet may be the subject you like to photograph most, but why not capture a few photos showing the special relationship you have. You’ll be glad you did when you look back at the adventures you had.

Tip - No one around to capture the shot? Use the self-timer and capture a selfie.

6 - Keep your distance

When you’re out in nature with your pet, take some photos that include your surroundings. Your pet is likely distracted by exploring which allows you to capture some of those special moments you both enjoy.

Tip - Line up your subject using the grid and following the Rule of Thirds.

7 - Get their attention

With a treat in one hand and your iPhone ready in the other, you’re likely to capture a great photo of your pet. Trying different angles while you have their attention will increase your changes of capturing a great shot.

Tip - If your pet likes to chase a ball, try the Pooch Selfie, a contraption that mounts a tennis ball to your iPhone (as seen on Shark Tank).


Give some of these tips a try the next time you're spending quality time with your furry friend. Using a little creativity and your iPhone photography skills, you can capture memories that last a lifetime.