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5 Quick Tips to Shoot Better Video on Your iPhone

Your iPhone has everything you need to get great video results.
You know how they say the best camera is the one you have one you? Well the best camcorder you have is the one that you have on you too!
Remember the days when you had to lug out the camcorder to capture video? If you remembered to bring it to your event, you’d inevitably find that the battery was low, cutting short the video session.
Then you’d have to huddle around the camcorder to see the replay. Honestly, most of those home movies were long and boring. Unless of course you were the star of the show!
Your iPhone has video capability that far exceeds that old camcorder. So if you’re not capturing video on your iPhone, now is a good time to start.
Here are 5 quick tips to shoot better video on your iPhone:
1 - Find the Best Lighting
Natural lighting is always the best when shooting video. If you’re indoors, look for a window and position yourself in front of it for the best lighting.
If you don’t have natural light, experiment with turning on overhead lights. Table lamps often cast a weird shadow, so I try to avoid turning them on when shooting video.
Turn on your selfie camera and move around the room until you get the correct lighting and angle. It makes a big difference!
2 - Use a Tripod for Stability
Use a Tripod to add stability to your video. You can get a Gorillapod Tripod on Amazon for about $25.
You can also use a Selfie Stick, resting it along the edge of a table to add stability if you don’t have a tripod handy.
3 - Turn on Airplane Mode
When you get a phone call or text message when recording a video, your video recording is interrupted.
Turning on Airplane mode before you start shooting will prevent this interruption. By the way, simply silencing your iPhone will not prevent interruption of your recording.
To turn on Airplane mode:
  • Swipe up on any screen to access the Control Center.
  • Select the Airplane icon (upper left) to turn on Airplane mode.
  • Don’t forget to turn off Airplane Mode when you’re done shooting your video!
4 - Stop and Start with Your Headphones
You may already know that you can activate the shutter button to take a picture with the volume control on your headphones. But you may not know that this trick also works to start and stop your video recording.
When you’re ready to start shooting video on your iPhone, simply touch the volume control on your headphones to start your video recording. Touch the volume control again to stop your video recording.
No more awkward reaching for the screen at the end of the video to stop the recording!
5 - Take Short Video Clips
Your videos should only be 4 to 10 seconds. Twenty seconds can be an eternity, especially if you’re recording while waiting for something to happen!
Learn to edit your longer videos into shorter clips, so you can splice them together, adding still photos and text to tell a complete story. 
Following these quick tips will likely improve your results when shooting video.