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5 Common iPhone Photography Issues and How to Fix Them

Try these quick solutions to these common photography issues.
They say the best camera is the one you have on you, and your iPhone camera has a really great camera. However, sometimes the photos you take on your iPhone are less than impressive. 
Most of the issues are a result of taking a photo in less than ideal conditions. However, taking a minute to understand some of the features of your iPhone can help you take better photos in most situations. 
Here are 5 common iPhone Photography issues and how to fix them:
1 - Subject is out of focus
If you have enough light and parts of your photo are in focus, it may be because your iPhone’s automatic focus is picking up the wrong subject.
  • Manually focus by touching the screen on the subject you want in focus.
  • Press and hold until you see AE/AF lock (automatic exposure and automatic focus). 
  • Touch the screen again to remove the AE/AF lock.


2 -  Photos are blurry

Do you struggle to get clear and crisp photos? It’s usually because the light is low and your camera shutter remains open longer to compensate for low light.

  • Steady your iPhone by supporting your hands on a table or rail, or leaning against a wall. 
  • Your camera lens could be dirty. Wipe it with a soft cloth.
  • A metallic case can interfere with your iPhone’s optical image stabilization. Try taking a picture without it, then compare the quality.
3 - Subject is too dark
You may know that the best natural lighting is facing you, but what do you do if you can’t move the subject to avoid being backlit?
  • Manually adjust the exposure by touching the screen in the area that is dark.
  • You’ll see a slider with a sun icon. Slide it up or down to adjust the exposure.
  • You can also adjust the exposure when editing after the picture is taken.
4 - Subject is far away
If you’re far away from an interesting subject, you may be tempted to pinch to zoom in on the subject when taking a picture. 
  • Use your feet and move closer to the subject, since zooming in when taking a picture doesn’t do anything.
  • Take the picture without zooming in, making sure the subject is in focus.
  • Crop the picture after it’s taken to get the best possible resolution for your subject.
5 - Screen is hard to see in bright sunlight
If you’re outdoors and taking a picture in the bright sunlight, it may be hard to see your screen to determine if your photo is composed correctly or focused properly.
  • Remove your sunglasses, especially if they are polarized, which interferes with your iPhone’s screen resolution.
  • You may be able to brighten your screen by swiping up to access the control center, where you’ll see the screen brightener slider.
  • You can also buy a sun hood or screen protector that reduces sun glare for your iPhone on Amazon if the above solutions don’t work for you.
The next time you’re taking pictures with your iPhone, keep these quick and easy solutions in mind!