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4 Steps to Managing iPhone Photos

Over time, your iPhone photo library will get out of control!

The Photos App on your iPhone has everything you need to keep your photos and videos organized.
Reviewing photos and videos is personal. Only you can decide what is important and keep up with organizing your photos on a regular basis.

You can easily create your own personal Albums to keep photos organized in a way that is meaningful to you. I keep albums for:

  • Loved ones (by name)
  • Seasonal Year (Summer 2019)
  • Big Trips (Mexico 2019)
  • Miscellaneous (Bathroom remodel 2019)

Create your own albums 

  • Go to the Photos App and selecting Albums. 
  • Use the “+” sign to create your own album and follow the directions for naming. 

After you’ve created your own albums, use these 4 Steps to Managing iPhone Photos:

1 - Review by Date

  • Go to the Photos App > Photos (bottom left)
  • Photos are organized by Year > Collections > Moments (most detailed view)
  • Use the back arrow (upper left) to see other views

2 - Look for Favorites

  • When viewing a photo, select the ‘Heart' symbol (bottom center) to indicate a favorite photos
  • The heart symbol is visible in Photos and Albums

3 - Get Rid of Trash

  • When viewing a photo, select the 'Trash Can' (bottom right) to delete photos, which are moved to the ‘Recently Deleted’ album
  • Photos in the ‘Recently Deleted’ album will be permanently deleted after 30 days

4 - Save in Albums

  • When viewing Moments, use ‘Select’ (upper right) to pick photos, then ‘Add To’ to add photos to Albums
  • Find the album you'd like to add this photo to in the list and follow instructions to add

Ongoing Organization

  • Repeat steps 1 through 4 every month (at least!) or after you’ve shot a lot of photos. 

Keeping up with managing your iPhone photos is essential as you accumulate photos. Make using this method a habit and you’ll always know where to find your favorite photos!